Dear Friends in Christ


I spoke last Sunday about how, as a Church and Parish, we exist to be — in the words of Pope Francis — Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ. All of the doctrine, worship, pastoral outreach and resources of the Church should be placed at the service of drawing every single soul into the Family of those who believe in Jesus Christ. When planning our new Parish Centre, I stated at the outset that, this was to be a major help in fostering the internal life of the Parish so as to help us go out and announce the Gospel. In a short while, all of the Parish Groups will have a wonderful new base and resource in which to continue what has been happening in this Parish since it was re-founded over a century ago. I hope that you have all made a note of the day and time of the Opening Ceremony — 1.00pm on Sunday 9th February — and that it will be a joyous celebration of a great achievement which the Parish Family can be proud of.

There is one last thing we need to provide for the new Centre: chairs! We need two hundred; and the ones the Parish Centre Committee have chosen are fine, sturdy and wooden; they each cost sixty pounds inclusive of VAT which, is a large sum of money if paid in one lump sum. I would like to suggest that two hundred families or households each purchase a chair as a final Fundraising effort. There will be two hundred envelopes distributed after the Masses this weekend so that you can return the cost of a chair; and with your name on the envelope it can also be Gift Aided. If you have not contributed to the Fundraising so far, this is your opportunity!

From this week the Parish Website has a new look; when you now visit you will find a simpler and more navigable site giving information about our Parish.

Thank you all for the ongoing support, encouragement and prayer that you offer your Priests!

God bless you!