Jesus Christ, Our Universal King


Dear friends in Christ

The end of the Church year this weekend is a celebration of the Kingship of Christ.  Being governed by a constitutional  monarchy, we are still able to have some idea of the symbolism contained in this feast.  Kingship is found in the Old Testament as the way God chose leaders, anointed them and ruled His people.  In the New Testament Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is sent and anointed by God the Father to be the Universal Lord of all hearts.  On this last Sunday of the liturgical year we can keep in our minds and hearts the image of Christ reigning over us, and rest secure and comfortable with the image of a Sovereign who wishes to find His throne first and foremost in the hearts of his subjects.

As usual at this time, we conclude the year with the three days of Solemn Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration, commencing with the Opening Mass on Thursday evening at seven o’clock, and concluding with Benediction on Saturday afternoon at four o’clock.  What is this about?  It is about enthroning Jesus at the centre of our church, Parish and lives, so that He can draw us, His subjects, closer to His Heart.  We can thus come before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the church for silent prayer and adoration.  Do come in large numbers; bring your friends and children to the arms of Jesus outstretched in welcome.  The time spent in silent adoration often seems fruitless to the mentality of the world, but we understand that time spent in prayer with Our Lord is time spent wisely; and we all have so much to pray for.  As the world seems to move further from Christ, let us draw closer to him.  Veni, Si Amas….come if you love.

This Sunday is also designated World Youth Day, as a moment when we pray for and encourage our young people in the Faith.  One of our young adults will speak at the end of Mass about the work of the Catholic Youth Service and of ways that we can help and support them in their growing in Faith. God bless you all!

Fr Kevin Hale