Mothers’ Prayers

The Mothers’ Prayers meeting will resume on Wednesday, 10th September in the Newman Room at 10.30 am.  Everyone is welcome to join us for this special time of intercession for our children and grandchildren, the unborn and children of the world.

Mothers Prayers was started in England in November 1995 and has spread rapidly throughout the world with contacts in over 100 Countries and has the approval, support and blessing of Christian leaders of all denominations.  There are now thousands of groups around the world.  Two grandmothers, Veronica and her  sister-in-law Sandra, felt led by the Lord to start Mothers Prayers and to pray in a special way for their children.

They felt that they should bring all the pain and the worries they had for their  children to Him and to trust in His words ‘Ask and you will receive’.   Through this promise, they understood that the Lord is just waiting to take away pain and to bless and heal them and their children when they come to Him in Faith.

During these years there have been many, many wonderful answers to prayers including children coming off drugs, children returning home after being absent for many years, improvements in children’s health and relationships (in the family and at school).  The mothers also have been blessed and have experienced a great peace.