On Trinity Sunday, during 11.30am Mass, Fr Kevin presented three parishioners with the Papal award Benemerenti.  This honour is given by the Holy Father to those who have given voluntary outstanding service to the Church.  Mrs Maureen Flach has been the Sacristan for many years and been involved in numerous other activities down the decades including First Communion catechesis, Youth Club and Young Mothers.  Norbert Widera has been an Altar Server for almost seven decades and serves the local Polish Community on a weekly basis; he is also the Head Gardener and has given countless hours of time and his resources to making our grounds look so wonderful.  Philip Henwood, Chairman of the Parish Finance Committee for many years, has been responsible for all of the complex financial and constructional negotiations that went with the building of the Parish Centre; in fact, without Philip’s expertise, time and effort the Parish Centre may not have been accomplished.  It is therefore with great delight on my part, that they have been given this recognition.  I congratulate them and thank them on behalf of the entire Parish Family for all that they have accomplished for the greater glory of God and our Parish!