On this Feast of St Peter & St Paul it is timely to reflect upon the gift of Pastoral leadership in the Church.  First, we continue to give thanks for our Chief Pastor, Pope Francis, and ask God’s blessing upon him as he renews the Church by word and example.

Secondly, as I prepare to leave Office, I gladly take this opportunity of thanking with a full heart all those who in any way have supported me in my Episcopal Ministry.  It has been my great joy and privilege to work with you in the diocese at large and in our parishes building up the Kingdom of God.

Finally, we look forward to the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop-elect Alan Williams and I know that you will give the same prayerful support to him as you have to me over the past thirty-four years.

May God bless you and let us pray for one another that the Lord may carry us and that we may continue to carry one another.

                                                                                      +Thomas McMahon

                                                                                 Apostolic Administrator