Following further concerns being expressed by a number of Parishioners, not least following a highly critical and inaccurate local newspaper article on how we as a Church dealt with serious allegations, Simon Moules, who is the Safeguarding Coordinator for the Diocese would like to make it clear to all, that safeguarding is a priority within the Church and as soon as we became aware of these concerns, our safeguarding national policies were implemented. What this means is that we have worked closely with the Police and Local Authority throughout, in order to ensure the protection of all. This means that where someone is the subject of safeguarding allegations, they are not permitted to carry on with any voluntary role within the Parish. They are of course able to attend Mass in a way which maintains the safety and perceived safety of all. This was the case, and was planned very carefully with the full support of the Police and Local Authority, whom we continue to work very closely with.  
We appreciate that the recent local newspaper article has led many to question the action taken by the Church, but the newspaper article was inaccurate and a robust response was sent to the newspaper.  Please trust that we view and respond to all allegations of this nature with the utmost seriousness and as with all matters involving the vulnerable amongst us, is undertaken as part of a multi-agency approach to protection.