The Ascension


Dear friends in Christ

Forty days ago we celebrated Easter and on this Sunday Jesus ascends to Heaven to take His place once more with the Father. Christ awaits us there with His glorified body, with the signs of His redemptive suffering; the marks of His Passion which St Tomas saw and touched. As the Apostles gazed into Heaven as Jesus went from their sight, the Angels told them that it was now time to begin the task before them, that there was not a minute to be wasted. With the Ascension, the earthly mission of Christ comes to a close, and ours, as His disciples, begins. Jesus wishes each of us to remain in our place, sanctifying the world from within, improving it and placing it at the feet of God. Only then will the world be a place where human dignity is valued and respected, a place where people live in peace, in true peace, the peace which is so closely linked to God.

Please pray for Michael Halsall who will be Ordained Priest next Saturday in St Peter’s Church, Eastwood. Michael was Received into the Church here almost a decade ago having been the Vicar of St Luke’s, Southend. The establishment of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham by Pope Benedict, has made it possible for Michael to received Priestly Ordination and he will serve that Community once Ordained. It is the fulfilment of a long spiritual pilgrimage for Michael and we offer him, and his family, our prayerful support and warmest good wishes.  

Msgr Kevin Hale