Twentieth Sunday of the Year


Dear friends in Christ

The Readings for this Sunday say something important about prayer; persevering prayer.  The prayer of petition, or asking, is perhaps well-known to us.  We are conscious in ordinary life that we depend on so many people and the act of asking others for what we need is part-and-parcel of human life.  With God, we know that we depend on Him for everything and that we have only to ask Him for what is necessary.  Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches that our petitions do not change the Will of God, but instead win for us what has already been set aside for us if we but ask.  As a result, we should petition the Lord without ceasing.  Who knows how many blessings are waiting for us if only we ask for them?  We should ask others also, to pray for the fervent intentions we have in our hearts, to pray for all the blessings we need and can receive from the Lord.  Saint Thomas says that this is one of the reasons why Jesus did not reply immediately to the Canaanite Women in the Gospel.  He wanted His disciples to intercede for her.  In this way He shows us the importance of the intercession of the Saints.

We have celebrated last Friday The Assumption of our Blessed Lady into Heaven.  She is the first of those who intercedes for us with God.  Saint Bernard says that our Advocate rose to Heaven, where she could act on behalf of our salvation as Mother of the Judge and Mother of Mercy.  In these days we should never forget to go to her since we can obtain much through her hands and much too depends on her.  God bless you!

Fr Kevin Hale