Thirtieth Sunday of the Year


Dear friends in Christ

Once again this Sunday the subject of prayer occupies our minds in the Readings of Mass. Last week Jesus told us the importance of persevering prayer; this week the parable teaches us the difference between true piety and false piety. Jesus reminds us that humility has to be the foundation of our dealings with God. He wants us to pray like needy children desirious of His mercy. St Alphonsus Liguori advises us: God wants you to go to Him with confidence. Bring to Him your work, your projects, your fears and whatever interests you. Act with a trusting and open heart. For God does not speak to those who never speak to Him. We may not experience any special feelings when we pray; and this shouldn’t bother us. What is most important is that we imitate the Publican in the Gospel parable: he did not stand upright and profess to be something he was not; rather, he saw himself humbly the way God saw him. Unlike the Pharisee - whose prayer was not heard because of his pride - the Publican knew why he needed to stand at the back of the Temple, not daring even to raise his eyes to Heaven. The whole of the Christian life, we could say, consists in our learning how to make the journey from the front to the back of the Temple. Like Our Lady - to whom we go with especial devotion in this Month of the Holy Rosary - we want to remain close to The Lord in all of the circumstances of life and in constant conversation with Him.  God bless you!

Msgr Kevin Hale